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U+3054, ご
Composition: [U+3053] + ◌゙ [U+3099]


Japanese edit

Stroke order

Pronunciation edit

  • IPA(key): [ŋo̞] (morpheme-medial alternative pronunciation)

Etymology 1 edit

The hiragana character (ko) with a dakuten ().

Syllable edit


  1. The hiragana syllable (go). Its equivalent in katakana is (go).
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Etymology 2 edit

Reading of various kanji.

Noun edit


  1. : language
  2. , , : go (board game)
  3. : a specific time; death (as in "one's time has come")
  4. : a military squad (usu. of five people); a group
  5. : noon; midnight
  6. 豆油, 豆汁: a slurry of boiled and mashed soybeans used as the raw material for making tofu, dyes, and oil paints

Numeral edit


  1. : five
  2. : financial form of

Prefix edit


  1. : honorific prefix used before on'yomi nouns
  2. : mutual

Proper noun edit


  1. : Wu China

Suffix edit


  1. : language of, -ese
  2. : after