U+304A, お


Japanese edit

Stroke order

Etymology 1 edit

Derived in the Heian period from writing the man'yōgana kanji in the cursive sōsho style.

Pronunciation edit

Syllable edit


  1. The hiragana syllable (o). Its equivalent in katakana is (o). It is the fifth syllable in the gojūon order; its position is (a-gyō o-dan, row a, section o).
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Etymology 2 edit

Interjection edit


  1. : yes, alright, okay

Noun edit


  1. : a sign used in some books (clarification of this definition is needed)
  2. : tail, brush, train
  3. , : hill; peak
  4. : fish
  5. , : the hemp or ramie plant; thread or yarn made from fibers derived from the bark of hemp or ramie stems
  6. , , , : man, male
  7. : cord

Prefix edit


  1. : small
  2. : honorific prefix to make a word polite

Etymology 3 edit

For pronunciation and definitions of – see the following entries.
[affix] hate; loathe
[affix] dirty
(This term, , is the hiragana spelling of the above terms.)
For a list of all kanji read as , see Category:Japanese kanji read as お.)