ちょうだい (chōdai) (-na inflection, adnominal ちょうだい (chōdai na), adverbial ちょうだい (chōdai ni))

  1. 張大: prominent and big; exaggerated
  2. 長大: long and big; tall and big; grand


ちょうだい (chōdai)

  1. 帳台, 帳代, 丁台: a raised dais as in a receiving room in a palace; a raised sleeping area set up in a larger room in a palace or large hall; a reception room or foyer; a storage room or closet
  2. 帳内: alternate reading for chōnai: the area within or behind a curtain; the used or written area in a notebook
  3. 町代: the person who runs or manages a town, especially during the Edo period
  4. 頂戴: receiving; please, gimme


ちょうだいする (chōdai suru) (suru conjugation, stem ちょうだい (chōdai shi), past ちょうだいした (chōdai shita))

  1. 長大: to grow up, to grow older
  2. 頂戴: to receive