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red; revolutionary; prosperity; bonus; popular
banner; flag
trad. (紅旗)
simp. (红旗)
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  1. red flag; red banner (Classifier: m;  c)
    附近懸掛紅旗指示各界人士切勿進入以免發生危險 [Literary Cantonese, trad.]
    附近悬挂红旗指示各界人士切勿进入以免发生危险 [Literary Cantonese, simp.]
    Gaai3 si4 goi1 keoi1 fu6 gan6 zoeng1 wui5 jyun4 gwaa3 hung4 kei4 zi2 si6, gok3 gaai3 jan4 si6 cit3 mat6 zeon3 jap6 keoi1 noi6, ji5 min5 faat3 sang1 ngai4 him2. [Jyutping]
    At that time, those places will have red flags nearby erected to act as a signal, everybody please do not enter into the zone, lest any danger happen.
  2. (Mainland China, figuratively) advancement
  3. (Hong Kong) a red banner used by the police: "Stop Charging or We Use Force / 停止衝擊否則使用武力"

Usage notesEdit

  • In ancient times, red banners were used by military units. In Hong Kong, red flags are erected when there are dangers nearby.

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  1. () Hongqi (a village in Yonglong, Jingshan, Jingmen, Hubei, China)
  2. () Hongqi (a village in Huilong, Fang, Shiyan, Hubei, China)
  3. (社區) Hongqi (a community in Zhucheng, Xinzhou, Wuhan, Hubei, China)