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From German Nazi, a shortening of Nationalsozialist (National Socialist), since in German the nati- in national /ˌnatsi̯oˈnaːl/ is approximately pronounced Nazi [ˈnäːtsi], which became the newly created colloquial and pejorative term for a "National Socialist".


  • IPA(key): /ˈnɑːtsi/, /ˈnætsi/, /ˈnæzi/ (the first pronunciation more closely matches the German pronunciation [ˈnäːtsi] and is more common than the second; the third is historical)
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Nazi (plural Nazis)

  1. (historical) A member of the National Socialist German Workers Party (Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei, commonly called the NSDAP or Nazi Party).
  2. One who subscribes to or advocates (neo-)Nazism or a similarly fascist, racist (especially anti-Semitic), xenophobic, or ethnic or nationalist ideology; a neo-Nazi.
  3. (slang, usually pejorative, sometimes offensive, see usage notes below) One who imposes one’s views on others; one who is considered unfairly oppressive or needlessly strict. (also frequently uncapitalised: nazi)
    She’s a total grammar Nazi.
  4. (ethnic slur, rare) Any person of German descent.

Usage notesEdit

  • (one who imposes one’s views on others): As actual Nazis practiced genocide and were responsible for the murder of millions of people during the Second World War, this flippant use is sometimes considered to be offensive and in very poor taste. It is sometimes used to offend, intentionally (e.g. when trolling) or out of anger.

Derived termsEdit



Nazi (comparative more Nazi, superlative most Nazi)

  1. (historical) Of or pertaining to the Nazi Party (NSDAP) specifically, or to Nazism, neo-Nazism, or neo-Nazis more generally.
  2. (by extension) Domineering, totalitarian, or intolerant.


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Proper nounEdit


  1. (offensive, rare) German.
    Sorry, we don’t speak Nazi.

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Etymology 1Edit

Representing the pronunciation of Nati in Nationalsozialist (‘National Socialist’).


Nazi m (genitive Nazis, plural Nazis or Nazi)

  1. a member or (ideological) supporter of the NSDAP or Nazism; a National Socialist
  2. A general, extremely strong insult, chiefly for someone right-wing, authoritarian or xenophobic.
  3. (used in compounds) An expression of strong contempt for someone or something right-wing, authoritarian or xenophobic, as in Nazischwein, Nazipropaganda, etc.
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Etymology 2Edit

Proper nounEdit

Nazi m (genitive Nazis, plural Nazis)

  1. A male given name, a pet name for Ignatius.

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