From Malay ber-, from Classical Malay ber-, from Old Malay bar-, mar-, from Proto-Malayo-Polynesian *maR-.



ber- (verb base)

  1. (intransitive) -ing, used to form the continuative aspect of some verbs
    ber- + ‎pikir (to think) → ‎berpikir (thinking)
    ber- + ‎renang (to swim) → ‎berenang (swimming)
  2. (intransitive) used to form dynamic verb of some transitive verbs
    ber- + ‎ubah (to change) → ‎berubah (to change (to become something different))
  3. (intransitive, reflexive) to do something to the self.
    ber- + ‎hias (dressing) → ‎berhias (self-dressing)
  4. (intransitive) alternative form of di-.
    ber- + ‎terima (to accept) → ‎berterima (to be accepted)

ber- (noun base)

  1. to have; -ed, -d
    ber- + ‎atap (roof) → ‎beratap (roofed)
    ber- + ‎baju (clothes) → ‎berbaju (clothed)
    ber- + ‎adik (younger sibling) → ‎beradik (profess as someone younger sibling)
  2. to produce [base]
    ber- + ‎telur (egg) → ‎bertelur (to produce egg)
  3. to use [base], to wear [base], to travel by [base]
    ber- + ‎sepatu (shoes) → ‎berhias (to wear shoes)
  4. to work, to engage in the [base].
    ber- + ‎tani (farming) → ‎bertani (to farm)
  5. (intransitive, reciprocal) to do [base] in reciprocal situation.
    ber- + ‎tinju (boxing, hit) → ‎bertinju (hitting each other)
    ber- + ‎teman (friend) → ‎berteman (to be friends with each other)

ber- (adjective base)

  1. (intransitive, stative) used to form stative verbs
    ber- + ‎gembira (happy) → ‎bergembira (to be in happiness (to rejoice))
    ber- + ‎sedih (sad) → ‎bersedih (to be in sadness)

ber- (numeral base)

  1. multiple
    ber- + ‎tiga (three) → ‎bertiga (triple)

Alternative formsEdit

  • be- used in word with initial /r/ or word with final /-ər/ in first syllable
  • bel- only used in the word ajar

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ber- (Jawi spelling -بر‎)

  1. (intransitive) used to form stative verbs
    Saya sedang berjalan di sekitar taman.
    I am walking around the park.
  2. having; -ed, -d, -ous
    ber- + ‎atap (roof) → ‎beratap (roofed)
    ber- + ‎baju (clothes) → ‎berbaju (clothed)
  3. group of something
    ber- + ‎tiga (three) → ‎bertiga (group of three)