Etymology 1Edit

From dog +‎ -y (diminutive suffix).

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doggy (plural doggies)

  1. (childish or affectionate) A dog, especially a small one.
    That's such a cute little doggy, Keira!
  2. doggy style
    Her favourite position is doggy.
  3. (armed services, Britain, informal) A junior temporarily assigned to do minor duties for a senior; a gofer.
    • 2008, Iain Ballantyne, HMS Rodney: The Famous Ships of the Royal Navy Series
      The Torpedo Officer and I were on the lower bridge and we each had a doggy, a young midshipman []
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Etymology 2Edit

From Middle English doggi, equivalent to dog +‎ -y (adjectival suffix).


doggy (comparative doggier, superlative doggiest)

  1. (informal) Suggestive of or in the manner of a dog.
    • 1993, John Banville, Ghosts:
      The house wore the startled doggy air of having been undeservedly rebuked. I knew the feeling.
  2. (informal) Fond of dogs.