See also: hang, Hang, háng, Háng, hāng, häng, hǎng, and hạng

Mandarin edit

Alternative forms edit

Romanization edit

hàng (hang4, Zhuyin ㄏㄤˋ)

  1. Hanyu Pinyin reading of
  2. Hanyu Pinyin reading of
  3. Hanyu Pinyin reading of
  4. Hanyu Pinyin reading of
  5. Hanyu Pinyin reading of
  6. Hanyu Pinyin reading of
  7. Hanyu Pinyin reading of

Vietnamese edit

Pronunciation edit

Etymology 1 edit

Sino-Vietnamese word from . Doublet of hạnh. Cognate with Thai ห้าง (hâang), Lao ຫ້າງ (hāng), Khmer ហាង (haang).

Noun edit


  1. goods; product; merchandise; freight; cargo
  2. shop; store
  3. line; row; queue
    xếp hàngto form a line
  4. (writing) line; row
    Synonym: dòng
  5. (arithmetic) an integer place
    Coordinate term: phần (decimal place)
    hàng đơn vịthe ones place
    hàng chụcthe tens place
    hàng trămthe hundreds place
    hàng nghìnthe thousands place
  6. (euphemistic, humorous) female breasts or nether region
    lộ hàngto have a nip slip or to show one's panties or genitalia accidentally

Etymology 2 edit

Likely related to hằng (/)

Adjective edit


  1. (before nouns, especially noun phrases with words of number) numerous
    hàng giờmany hours
    hàng chục / tá ngườitens / dozens of people
    hàng ngàn nămthousands of years
  2. Eggcorn of hằng (every (week, month, year, etc.)).

Etymology 3 edit

Sino-Vietnamese word from .

Verb edit


  1. to surrender; to capitulate