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Mirt pie krusta (1)
Kapa krusts (3)
Dzelzs krusts (4)
Maltas krusts (5)
Krusta astotnieks (7)

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Borrowed from Old East Slavic крьстъ (krĭstŭ) (compare Russian крест (krest)) (from Old High German Christ (Christ)), which regularly yielded Latvian dialectal krists. The u of the standard Latvian form krusts, however, is not obviously explainable. There are several theories: contamination of Latin crux (cross) and Christus (words that Latvians would often hear in Latin in church), influence of Old East Slavic *кръстъ (*krŭstŭ), an earlier borrowing from Old Norse kross (with an open o which old Baltic dialects would have borrowed as u); or perhaps no borrowing (krusts might come from an old Proto-Indo-European word cognate with Latin crux).[1]


krusts m (1st declension)

  1. (historical, Ancient Rome) cross (wooden post with attached beam used to execute criminals by crucifixion)
    mirt pie krustato die on the cross
    nāve pie krustadeath on the cross
  2. (figuratively) suffering, hardship; nuisance (by implicit comparison with the crucifixion)
    katram savs krusts jāneseach has his own cross to bear
    nedod dievs kādu krustu!may god not give such hardship (lit. cross)
  3. (Christianity) cross (main symbol of the Christian religion, in the shape of the instrument used to execute Jesus)
    koka, marmora, zelta krustswooden, marmor, golden cross
    kapa krustsgrave cross
    apzīmēt ar krustu, ar krusta zīmito make the sign of the cross
    (pār)mest, (aiz)mest krustuto make (lit. throw) the sign of the cross
  4. cross ((non-religious) decoration in the shape of a cross)
    esmu apbalvots ar dzelzs krustu un citiem ordeņiemI was awarded the iron cross and other medals
  5. cross (symbol, ornament or decorative element, consisting of at least two lines that cross)
    ķeltu kruststhe Celtic cross
    Maltas kruststhe Maltese cross
    ugunskrusts, kāškrustsswastika (lit. fire cross, hook(ed) cross)
  6. cross (objects, elements that cross each other)
    krusta velvegroin (lit. cross) vault
  7. (card games) clubs (one of the four suits of playing cards, marked with the symbol )
    krusta astotniekseight of clubs


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