From s- +‎ montare.


  • IPA(key): /zmonˈ
  • Rhymes: -are
  • Hyphenation: smon‧tà‧re


smontàre (first-person singular present smónto, first-person singular past historic smontài, past participle smontàto, auxiliary (transitive, also intransitive in some meanings) avére or (intransitive in other meanings) èssere)

  1. (transitive) to disassemble; to dismantle, to demount, to take apart
    Synonyms: scomporre, separare, dividere, sezionare, disfare, distruggere, scindere, smembrare, fare a pezzi
  2. (transitive) to remove or transport away furnishings
    smontare una casato hollow out a house
  3. (transitive) to unframe
    Synonym: asportare
    smontare una pietra preziosa
    to unframe a gem (e.g. from a ring, necklace, encasing, etc.)
  4. (transitive) to remove from a programming; to unschedule (a film, TV show, etc.)
    smontare un filmto unschedule a film
  5. (transitive) to deflate (a whisked food, e.g. a soufflé)
    Synonyms: sgonfiare, afflosciare
  6. (intransitive) to deflate (of a whisked food, e.g. a soufflé) [auxiliary avere or essere]
    Synonyms: sgonfiarsi, afflosciarsi
  7. (transitive) to deprive of enthusiasm or confidence; to demoralize; to discourage
    Synonyms: scoraggiare, sfiduciare; see also Thesaurus:abbattere
  8. (transitive) to demonstrate the groundlessness (of an argument, accusation, etc.) by analyzing it; to tear down; to shoot down; to break apart
    Synonyms: demolire, ridimensionare, ridurre, sgonfiare, smantellare
  9. (transitive) to deflate or demagnify (an exaggerated story, joke, etc.)
    Synonym: ridimensionare
  10. (transitive, informal) to drop off (to let get off of a vehicle)
    smontami al prossimo incrocio
    drop me off at the next intersection
  11. (intransitive, informal) to get off (of a vehicle) [auxiliary essere]
    smonto al prossimo incrocioI'll get off at the next intersection
  12. (intransitive) to dismount (from); to get off (of) [+ di (object)] or [+ da (object)] [auxiliary essere]
    smontare di biciclettato get off the bike
  13. (intransitive, informal) to finish a work shift [+ di (object)] or [+ da (object)] [auxiliary essere]
    Synonyms: finire il turno, staccare, finire, terminare, smettere
    smonterà alle settehe will finish work at seven
    smontare dal turnoto finish a work shift
  14. (intransitive, rare) (of a color) to fade [auxiliary avere]
    Synonyms: sbiadire, stingere, scolorire, impallidire, schiarire
  15. (intransitive, archaic) to stay (at a place) [auxiliary essere]


Derived termsEdit