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From Proto-Finnic *varci. Cognate with Estonian vars.


  • IPA(key): /ˈʋɑrsi/
  • Hyphenation: var‧si



  1. The stalk of a plant.
  2. The handle of many tools. In order to be called varsi, the handle needs to be longish in shape. An axe and a hammer have varsi, but a knife has kahva.
  3. An arm in the sense of any structure that resembles a human arm.
  4. The part of a boot or a sock which covers the leg or part of it.
  5. A stem of a tobacco pipe, or a musical note.
  6. (technology) Usually compounded with a defining beginning, a rod
  7. As the last part of a compound word, refers to some parts of a human body (see related terms below).
  8. (rare) The human body when discussed from a structural point of view, the figure.
  9. As the last part of a compound word, refers to an area considered to be close to a waterway or a traffic route, a side.
    tien varsi, tienvarsi, joen varsi, jokivarsi, joenvarsi etc.
  10. In cases referring to location, used like a postposition to refer to passing of time or a journey, along, during or in the course of; see: varressa, varresta, varteen, varrella, varrelta, varrelle.
    matkan varrella = along the road
    pitkän elämäni varrella = during my long life
    vuosien varrella = in the course of many years
  11. As the first part of a compound word, indicates that the object is equipped with a stalk, an arm or similar.
    varsieväinen, varsijousi, varsiluuta


Inflection of varsi (Kotus type 28/kynsi, rt-rr gradation)
nominative varsi varret
genitive varren varsien
partitive vartta varsia
illative varteen varsiin
singular plural
nominative varsi varret
accusative nom. varsi varret
gen. varren
genitive varren varsien
partitive vartta varsia
inessive varressa varsissa
elative varresta varsista
illative varteen varsiin
adessive varrella varsilla
ablative varrelta varsilta
allative varrelle varsille
essive vartena varsina
translative varreksi varsiksi
instructive varsin
abessive varretta varsitta
comitative varsineen


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human body

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