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  • IPA(key): /prǒɡnati/
  • Hyphenation: про‧гна‧ти

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про̀гнати pf (Latin spelling prògnati)

  1. (transitive) to exile, banish

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Ukrainian edit

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From про- (pro-) +‎ гна́ти (hnáty). Compare Russian прогна́ть (prognátʹ), Belarusian прагна́ць (prahnácʹ), Polish przegnać.

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Verb edit

прогна́ти (prohnátypf (imperfective проганя́ти or прого́нити (rare)) (transitive)

  1. to drive through
  2. to drive away, to chase away (to force to leave)
  3. (figuratively) to drive away, to chase away, to banish (:thought, hunger, pain, etc.)
  4. (colloquial) to chase (for a certain time)

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