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しい (rōmaji shī)

  1. 尿: urine
  2. : any tree of the genus Castanopsis


しい (rōmaji shii)

  1. 尸位:
  2. 四夷:
  3. 四位:
  4. 四囲:
  5. 四維:
  6. 旨意:
  7. 私意:
  8. 思惟:
  9. 施為:
  10. 恣意, 肆意:
  11. 徙移:
  12. 紫衣:
  13. 詩意:
  14. 緇衣:


しい (rōmaji -shii)

  1. Used to form adjectives from nouns, reduplications, or the 未然形 (mizenkei, incomplete form) of verbs. An adjective derived by this suffix implies a thorough and certain possession of the quality of the suffixed term.
    From nouns: 大人 (おとな) (otona, adult) + しいおとなし.い (otonashii, quiet, gentle)
    From verbs:  (いそ) (isogu, to rush, to hurry) + しい (いそが)しい (isogashii, busy)
    From Japanese original reduplications: 2× (みず) (mizu, water) + しい瑞瑞 (みずみず)しい (mizumizushii, fresh, juicy)
    From reduplications of Chinese origins: 2× (そう) (, noise) + しい (そう) (ぞう)しい (sōzōshii, noisy)

Derived termsEdit


しいする (rōmaji shī)

  1. 四囲:
  2. 思惟: