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Adjectival nounEdit

むし (-na inflection, rōmaji mushi)

  1. 無私: unselfish; disinterested


むし (rōmaji mushi)

  1. : insect
  2. : Short for 虫の垂れ衣.
  3. : (obsolete) ramie
  4. 蒸し: steaming
  5. 務歯: tooth of a zipper
  6. 無死: (baseball) no outs
  7. 無私: selflessness; impartiality
  8. 無始: time immemorial; (Buddhism) existence without beginning
  9. 無視: neglect; disregard
  10. 無指, 無趾: adactylism
  11. 無翅: wingless (insect, etc.)
  12. 霧視: blurred vision
  13. 夢死: lotus eater, dreamer


むしする (rōmaji mushi suru)

  1. 無視: to neglect; to ignore
  2. 夢死: to idle, to sleep one's life away