See also: 何处



carry; what; how; why; which
a place; location; spot; point; office; department; bureau; respect; to reside; to live; to dwell; to be in; to stay; get along with; to be in a position of; deal with
trad. (何處)
simp. (何处)




  1. (literary) what place; where


Dialectal synonyms of 哪裡 (“where”)
Variety Location Words
Classical Chinese 何處何許
Formal (Written Standard Chinese) 哪裡
Mandarin Beijing 哪兒哪兒合兒 colloquial哪合兒 colloquial
Taiwan 哪裡
Tianjin 哪兒哪兒合兒 colloquial哪合兒 colloquial
Jinan 哪裡
Xi'an 哪搭兒
Wuhan 哪裡啥裡哪塊些啥塊些
Chengdu 哪兒
Yangzhou 哪塊
Hefei 哪格子哪蒿子哪塊子哪塊
Cantonese Guangzhou 邊度邊處
Hong Kong 邊度邊處
Yangjiang 邊處邊處塗
Hakka Meixian 哪仔
Miaoli (N. Sixian) 哪位
Liudui (S. Sixian) 哪仔哪跡仔
Hsinchu (Hailu) 哪位
Dongshi (Dabu) 哪位
Zhuolan (Raoping) 哪位
Yunlin (Zhao'an) 哪位
Jin Taiyuan 哪裡
Min Bei Jian'ou 呢裡
Min Dong Fuzhou 底所底塊
Min Nan Xiamen 佗落佗一位佗位佗一帶佗帶
Quanzhou 佗落佗一位佗位
Zhangzhou 佗落佗落仔佗一位佗位
Taipei 佗位
Kaohsiung 佗位
Tainan 佗位
Taichung 佗位
Yilan 佗位佗位仔
Lukang 佗落
Sanxia 佗位
Magong 佗位
Hsinchu 佗位
Malaysia 佗落
Chaozhou 底塊底囝
Wu Shanghai 阿裡啥地方阿裡搭啥場化 dated
Suzhou 啥場化
Wenzhou 若屋宕若屋
Xiang Changsha 哪裡何至啥塊子
Shuangfeng 哪裡