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trad. (咖啡)
simp. #(咖啡)
alternative forms
架非 obsolete
架菲 obsolete
架啡 obsolete
架飛架飞 obsolete
加菲 obsolete
架非 obsolete
架菲 obsolete
架啡 obsolete
架飛架飞 obsolete
加菲 obsolete
加非 obsolete
加啡 obsolete
茄啡 obsolete
迦非 obsolete
考非 obsolete
喀非 obsolete
㗎啡 Cantonese
㗝呸 Hokkien
㗝啤 Hokkien
糕啤 Teochew
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The pronunciations in different Chinese varieties originate from a variety of languages:

Variety Pronunciation Donor language and word
Mandarin kāfēi French café (coffee)
Cantonese gaa3 fe1
Taishanese ga1 fie2
Dungan kofi͡ə Russian ко́фе (kófe, coffee)
Hokkien ko-pi, ko-phi Malay kopi (coffee)
Teochew go1 bi5, gu1 bi5
Philippine Hokkien ka-pé Tagalog kape (coffee)
Wu kha fi (T1) English coffee

Other pronunciations, such as Taiwanese Hokkien ka-pi, Taiwanese Hakka kâ-pî, Teochew gia1 hui1 and Min Dong gă-pĭ, are likely literal pronunciations of the individual characters, inferred using the youbian dubian (有邊讀邊) method.




  1. coffee (Classifier: )
    咖啡  ―  zhǔ kāfēi  ―  to make coffee
    咖啡 / 咖啡  ―  nóng kāfēi  ―  strong coffee
    現磨咖啡 / 现磨咖啡  ―  xiànmó kāfēi  ―  freshly ground coffee
    特色咖啡  ―  tèsè kāfēi  ―  specialty coffee
    阿拉伯咖啡  ―  Ālābó kāfēi  ―  Arabian coffee
    取代咖啡飲品 [MSC, trad.]
    取代咖啡饮品 [MSC, simp.]
    néng qǔdài kāfēi de yǐnpǐn [Pinyin]
    a drink that can replace coffee
    咖啡提神 [MSC, trad. and simp.]
    Wǒ yào hē bēi kāfēi tí tíshén. [Pinyin]
    I'd like a cup of coffee to refresh myself.

Usage notesEdit

Just like the English term coffee, 咖啡 can refer to coffee generically, as well as coffee beans, ground coffee, coffee powder or a cup of coffee specifically. See the derived terms listed below for these specific terms.

Derived termsEdit


  • Zhuang: gahfeih


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  1. Hán tự form of cà phê (coffee).