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to carry; to lift; to put forward; (upwards character stroke); lifting (brush stroke in painting); to mention; carry (suspended)
to wake up; to awaken; to be awake
simp. and trad.


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  • tai4 sing2 - literary;
  • tai4 seng2 - vernacular.
  • Hakka
  • Min Nan
  • VerbEdit


    1. to remind
      友情提醒  ―  yǒuqíng tíxǐng  ―  to gently remind; friendly reminder
      謝謝提醒 / 谢谢提醒  ―  Xièxie nǐ tíxǐng wǒ.  ―  Thanks for reminding me.
    2. to warn; to caution
      提醒不要招惹 [MSC, trad.]
      提醒不要招惹 [MSC, simp.]
      tíxǐng guò nǐ bùyào zài lái zhāorě tā. [Pinyin]
      I warned you not to tease her again.