U+C6D0, 원
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Hangul Syllables

우 ←→ 웨

Korean edit

Etymology 1 edit

원 (sense 1): Obverse of a 10,000 South Korean won note

Orthographic borrowing from Chinese (yuán, circle” > “round coin) referring to the piece of eight (compare Japanese (en), Mandarin (yuán)). Doublet of (en, yen (Japanese currency)) and 위안 (wian, yuan (Chinese currency)).

Pronunciation edit

Revised Romanization?won
Revised Romanization (translit.)?won
Yale Romanization?wen

Noun edit


  1. won; the official currency of South Korea, sign = (KRW)
  2. won; the official currency of North Korea (KPW)
Usage notes edit

The syllable can only be written in hangul even when writing in hanja-mixed script if it means the currency, although this word is a Sino-Korean vocabulary.

Derived terms edit
Descendants edit
  • English: won
    • Vietnamese: uôn
  • German: Won
  • French: won
  • Japanese: ウォン (won)
  • Russian: вона (vona)
  • Thai: วอน (wɔɔn)

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Etymology 2 edit

Orthographic borrowing from Chinese (yuán).

Noun edit


  1. (mathematics) circle
Synonyms edit

Etymology 3 edit

From English one.

Noun edit


  1. one
Synonyms edit
Derived terms edit

Etymology 4 edit

Syllable edit

(won) (incomplete list)