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  • IPA(key): /vɪkˈtɔːɹiən/
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Victorian (comparative more Victorian, superlative most Victorian)

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  1. Of or relating to the reign of Queen Victoria or the period from 1837 to 1901.
    • 2014 June 14, “It's a gas”, in The Economist, volume 411, number 8891:
      One of the hidden glories of Victorian engineering is proper drains. Isolating a city’s effluent and shipping it away in underground sewers has probably saved more lives than any medical procedure except vaccination.
  2. Of or displaying the (supposed) standards or ideals of morality of that period.
    • 2015, July 28, Michael Barone, "Is America entering a New Victorian Era?",[1]
      Even the legalization and vastly increased approval of same-sex marriage has a Victorian aspect.
  3. Of the style of architecture or furnishings of that period.
    • 1941, J. H. Blackford, The Manor and Village of Cherhill (page 188)
      Unhappily, however, all that remains of Cherhill's claim to an old manor house is a rather cold ungabled building, blue-slated in hard ruled lines, and a porch which might have been transplanted from a late Victorian house.
    • 2012, Andrew Martin, Underground Overground: A passenger's history of the Tube, Profile Books, →ISBN, page 93:
      From the platforms at Wapping or Rotherhithe you can see the tunnel fleetingly illuminated as the trains approach; it looks so incredibly Victorian that you expect to see Jack the Ripper loitering between the arches.
  4. Based on the culture of that period.
  5. In relative poverty
    • 2015 April 5, “Children living in Victorian conditions, say teachers”, in The Guardian[2]:
  6. Of or relating to the state of Victoria in Australia.
    Up to 26 properties believed lost in Victorian bushfires.
  7. of or pertaining to Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

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Victorian (plural Victorians)

  1. A person living, or born in that period, or exhibiting characteristics of the Victorian period.
    • 2008 May 29 – June 4, Aimee Levitt, "Mind Your Manners", Riverfront Times, page 20,
      It was not until the late 1800s when older members of New York society... devised a daunting system of social rules — not to mention silverware — meant to repel anyone of humble origins... . It was the Victorians who gave us such useful implements as the strawberry knife.
  2. A person from the state of Victoria in Australia.
  3. A person from Victoria, British Columbia.
  4. A house built in the Victorian architectural style.
    • The Pelican Guide to Sacramento and the Gold Country (page 86)
      The commercial resurgence brought about by the area's changing tastes is reflected in midtown's conglomeration of refurbished Victorians, apartments, specialty shops, offices, corner groceries, restaurants, single-family homes []



Proper nounEdit


  1. Genitive singular form of Victoria.