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bogie ‎(plural bogies)

  1. (rail transport, Britain, Australia, New Zealand, Canada) Structure with axles and wheels under a railway carriage or locomotive, called railroad truck in US English. Also used under semitrailers, and lorries with more than one rear axle.
  2. (India) Railway carriage
  3. Cigarette.
  4. (military) An aircraft of unknown friend/foe status. (compare bandit)
  5. (golf) A score one stroke higher than par on any one hole, a bogey.
  6. (music) A toy similar to a violin bow, consisting of a wooden stick with notches along one or more sides or edges to produce a rattly noise when kratzed (stroked) against a hard edge, lip of container etc.
  7. A piece of solid or semisolid mucus in or removed from the nostril.
  8. (Ulster Scots) Ghost.


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