Participle of Albanian dal (I exit, go out). From Proto-Albanian *dala.[1] See Albanian dal (I exit, go out) for more.


dalë (masculine adjectival i dalë, feminine singular e dalë, masculine plural dalë, feminine plural dala)

  1. outgoing, outed, excluded
  2. participle of dal (active)
  3. participle of dilet (passive)


i dalë m (feminine e dálë, masculine plural dála, feminine plural dála)

  1. outgoing, extended, protruding (features, personality, clothing, etc.)
  2. extroverted (personality)
  3. traveling, wandering, itinerant (person) (a globetrotter, especially a tourist. A foreign person travelling around the world)
  4. (colloquial) wandering, traveling (locals) (living abroad)


dálë f (indefinite plural dála, definite singular dála, definite plural dálat)

  1. protruding part (of something that rises above or stands out (of a sea, lake, coast, face, body))
  2. outcome, output, outlet
  3. exit (of a building)
    Synonym: dalje, derë
  4. handle, grip, stem (of utensils and tools)
    Synonym: çiban



(të) dálë n (indefinite plural (të) dálët, definite singular (të) dálë, definite plural (të) dálët)

  1. end(s), ending(s) (of a month, year, season)
    Synonyms: mbarim, fund, anë
  2. (colloquial) clubbing, partying (instance of using a club/bar/disco)
    Jam gati për të dalë.
    I am ready to go out. ~ I am ready for clubbing. ~ I am ready for the club.



  1. back(wards)
    Synonym: prapa
    Ia la dalë.
    He/she left it back.
    U kthye dalë.
    He/she truned back(wards).
  2. midway, in the middle, half, halfway
    Synonym: përgjysmë

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  • [1] participle/adjective/noun/adverb dalë (dálë) • Fjalor Shqip (Albanian Dictionary)


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