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From Middle English polle (hair of the head), (recorded in English since c.1290), from Middle Low German or Middle Dutch pol (head, top); the verb is from the noun.



pollard (plural pollards)

A willow tree pollard.
  1. (often attributive) A tree that has been pruned by cutting its branches back close to the trunk to promote a more bushy growth of foliage.
  2. An animal, such as cattle or deer, whose horns have been removed or shed.
  3. The chub (fish), Leuciscus cephalus.
  4. (obsolete) A mixture of bran and meal.
  5. A clipped or counterfeit coin.
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pollard (third-person singular simple present pollards, present participle pollarding, simple past and past participle pollarded)

  1. (horticulture) To prune a tree heavily, cutting branches back to the trunk, so that it produces dense new growth.