Etymology 1Edit

Non-Sino-Vietnamese reading of Chinese (four, SV: tứ).



  1. (chiefly Northern Vietnam, only in compounds) four
    hai mươi twenty four
    một trăm linh one hundred and four
  2. fourth
    ba phần three quarters
    thứ fourth/Wednesday
    tháng fourth month/April
  3. (Southern Vietnam, of a sibling) third-born
    chú "fourth" uncle (your grandparents' third child, who's male and who's younger than one of your parents)
    anh "fourth" big brother (your parents' third child who's your older brother)
    chị "fourth" big sister (your parents' third child who's your older sister, or a woman whose husband's his parents' third child)
Usage notesEdit
  • Unlike other cardinal numbers, the ordinal phrasal expression for bốn (four) is generally not *thứ bốn, but thứ tư (fourth).

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Etymology 2Edit

Sino-Vietnamese word from .


  1. (formal or of a school) private
    Synonyms: riêng, tư thục
    Antonyms: công, chung
    riêng tưprivate and personal
    việc tưprivate affairs
    công tư phân minhupright about the boundary between public and private matters
Derived termsEdit
Derived terms

Etymology 3Edit

Sino-Vietnamese word from .


  1. (only in compounds) this (occured in compounds derived from or in the style of Classical Chinese)
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  1. Sino-Vietnamese reading of
  2. Sino-Vietnamese reading of
  3. Sino-Vietnamese reading of
  4. Sino-Vietnamese reading of
  5. Sino-Vietnamese reading of 姿
  6. Sino-Vietnamese reading of
  7. Sino-Vietnamese reading of