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The Great Wall of China near Mutianyu. The terreplein is the level space between the crenellated parapets on either side of the wall.

Alternative formsEdit


Originally a borrowing of Italian terrapieno (earth-fill(ed)), later altered after the model of French terreplein (now terre-plein). Its former misspellings arose from confusion of the second element of the name with Italian piano or French plain, plane (flat, level) based on the appearance of the earth-filled central platforms of walls.


terreplein (plural terrepleins)

  1. (obsolete military) The sloping earthen embankment behind a defensive wall.
  2. (military) The level platform atop a wall, typically protected by a parapet and (strictly) distinguished from the slightly higher banquette used by its defenders.
  3. (military) Any level base used by artillery in the field.
  4. (civil engineering) Any earthen embankment with a broad level top, such as those used for a canal elevated above a valley floor.


  • (sloping earthen embankment): talus




terreplein m (plural terrepleins)

  1. Alternative form of terre-plein.