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Alternative formsEdit


Orthographic/Phonemic หัว
h ạ w
Romanization Paiboon hǔua
Royal Institute hua
(standard) IPA(key) /hua̯˩˩˦/

Etymology 1Edit

From Proto-Tai *truəᴬ (head). Cognate with Northern Thai ᩉᩫ᩠ᩅ, Lao ຫົວ (hūa), ᦷᦠ (ḣo), Tai Dam ꪬꪺ, Shan ႁူဝ် (ho1), Ahom 𑜑𑜥 (huu), 𑜍𑜥 (ruu) or 𑜍𑜤𑜈𑜫 (ruw), Zhuang hu.


หัว (hǔua)

  1. head:
    1. (anatomy) the upper part of the body.
    2. chief; leader.
    3. top; peak; summit.
    4. front; forepart; foremost part; beginning part; initial part; upper part.
    5. headline; heading.
    6. (colloquial) headhair.
    7. (colloquial) brain.
    8. (colloquial) intelligence; wisdom.
    9. (colloquial) idea; opinion; view.
  2. swelling; protuberance.
  3. bulb, tuber, or similar object.
  4. subject; subject matter; theme.


Derived termsEdit

Etymology 2Edit

From Proto-Tai *krɯəwᴬ (to laugh). Cognate with Lao ຫົວ (hūa), ᦷᦃ (ẋo), Zhuang hu.


หัว (hǔua) (abstract noun การหัว)

  1. to laugh.
  2. to ridicule.
Derived termsEdit