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やる (transitive, godan conjugation, rōmaji yaru)

  1. (colloquial) to do (perform, execute)
    Nanika yaru koto ga aru no?
    Do you have anything to do?
    • 2015 March 9, “Tutorial 1”, in Emacs tutorial[1]:
      さあ、やってみましょう。コントロールキーを押しながら v です
      Sā, yattemimashō. Kontorōrukī o oshinagara v desu
      Go ahead, try to do it. Depress the control key and v together
  2. to give (to a non-human or someone inferior)
     (はな) (みず)やる
    Hana ni mizu o yaru.
    Give the flowers some water.
  3. to send somebody somewhere, to dispatch
    使 (つか)いにやる
    tsukai ni yaru
    to send a person on an errand
  4. to have sex, to fuck, to bang
    やり ()
    fuck and chuck”; break contact after having sex
  5. to kill
  6. to row a boat