First attested in the Worin cheongangjigok (月印千江之曲 / 월인천강지곡), 1449, as Middle Korean 둏다 (Yale: tyohta).

Also attested in the Yongbi eocheonga (龍飛御天歌 / 용비어천가), 1447, as Middle Korean 둏다 (Yale: tyohta).

Also attested in the Bullyu dugongbu si eonhae (分類杜工部詩諺解 / 분류두공부시언해), 1481, as Middle Korean 됴ᄒᆞ다 (Yale: tyohota).


  • IPA(key): [ˈt͡ɕo̞ːtʰa̠]
  • Phonetic hangeul: [ː]
Revised Romanization? jota
Revised Romanization (translit.)? johda
McCune–Reischauer? chot'a
Yale Romanization? cōhta


좋다 (jota) (infinitive 좋아, sequential 좋으니)

  1. to be good; great; excellent (Excellent and satisfactory in features and content.)
    그거 좋은 생각입니다. 
    Geugeo joeun saenggagimnida.
    Oh! That sounds good.
    그리고, 오늘 어떻습니까? 아주 좋아요, 감사합니다. 마크. 
    Geurigo, oneul eotteoseumnikka? aju joayo, gamsahamnida. Makeu.
    And how are you today? - Very well thank you Mark.
    오늘 오후에 들러요. — 좋아요. 
    Oneul ohue deulleoyo. joayo.
    Come by this afternoon. — Okay.
    Original English texts from 2016, VOA Learning English (public domain)
  2. good; nice (Well-rounded and kind in personality.)
  3. good; kind (Kind and gentle in the way one speaks and acts.)
  4. good (Above average in physical condition or health.)
  5. having a lot of nerve (Not caring about saving face or being shameless.)
  6. nice (Sunny and clear.)
  7. enough; sufficient (Enough or sufficient.)
  8. good (Having a lot of hair in good condition.)
  9. good; right ((for a day or opportunity to be) Appropriate.)
  10. fond of; in love with (Happy about and satisfied with a thing or object.)
    좋으시면 그걸로 예약해 드릴 수 있습니다. 
    Joeusimyeon geugeollo yeyakhae deuril su itseumnida.
    I can book you for them if you like.
    새 아파트로 왔구나! 좋아! 
    Sae apateuro watguna! Joa!
    I am in my new apartment! Great!
    2016, VOA Learning English (public domain)
  11. to be preferable, likeable
    축구보다 농구 좋구나. 
    Nan chukguboda nongguga deo jokuna.
    I like basketball more than football. (literally, "To me basketball is preferable to football.")
  12. good (Having a feeling, etc., of happiness and satisfaction.)
  13. happy; okay (Having no problems with behavior, work, etc.)
  14. good; easy; convenient (Easy or convenient to do something.)
  15. good (Having qualities that are good for the body or health.)
    아침에 일찍 일어나는 것은 건강에 좋다. 
    Achime iljjik ireonaneun geoseun geon-gang-e jota.
    Getting up early in the morning is good for one's health.
  16. better (Higher in quality or level compared to others.)
  17. good (Close and friendly with each other.)
  18. favorable; positive (Interpreting something in a way that is favorable to one side.)
  19. good; nice (The word used to express negation of, dissatisfaction with, a situation which has just been mentioned.)
  20. suitable; fit (Appropriate for using as a material or doing something.)


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