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1672 pigment, c. 1810–27 colour and adjective. Indian + red, the pigment originally being an earth obtained from the East Indies.


Indian red (plural Indian reds)

  1. Any of a variety of red or purple pigments containing ferric oxide, found in natural earth or made by chemical methods.
    • 1938, Norman Lindsay, Age of Consent, Sydney: Ure Smith, published 1962, page 98:
      Bradly paid no attention to either intrusion on his meditations, which at that moment were deeply concerned with adding Payne's grey to a combination of cobalt and Indian red for keying down his palette in the treatment of light reflected on water.
  2. The colour of Indian red pigment: a variety of dark, purplish reds.

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Indian red

  1. Having the colour of Indian red pigment.


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