From Late Middle English vinous, vinose (consisting of, containing, or made of wine),[1] from Latin vīnōsus (fond of wine; wine-flavoured), from vīnum (wine)[2] + -ōsus (adjective-forming suffix meaning ‘full of, prone to’).



vinous (comparative more vinous, superlative most vinous)

  1. Pertaining to or having the characteristics of wine.
    • 1768, Mr. Yorick [pseudonym; Laurence Sterne], “Preface in the Desobligeant”, in A Sentimental Journey through France and Italy, volume I, London: [] T. Becket and P. A. De Hondt, [], OCLC 61680753, pages 29–30:
      The man who firſt tranſplanted the grape of Burgundy to the Cape of Good Hope (obſerve he was a Dutchman) never dreamt of drinking the ſame wine at the Cape, that the ſame grape produced upon the French mountains—he was too phlegmatic for that—but undoubtedly he expected to drink ſome ſort of vinous liquor; [...]
    1. Involving the use of wine.
      Synonym: (containing wine) vinaceous
    2. Having the colour of red wine; vinaceous.
  2. Tending to drink wine excessively.
    • 1869, William Francis Collier, “William Shakspere”, in A History of English Literature, in a Series of Biographical Sketches, London; Edinburgh, New York, N.Y.: T[homas] Nelson and Sons, [], OCLC 9231629, page 146:
      Yet fat and vinous old Jack Falstaff, whose portraiture is the happiest hit in all the varied range of English comedy, must be sought for in other scenes.
    • 1883, Fun, London: Published for the proprietors, OCLC 752198897, page 168, column 1:
      Curiosity induced him to ask the wild-eyed vinous old man if he knew the lady.
    • 1898 July 2, “The New Dipsomania”, in Punch, or The London Charivari, volume CXIV, London: Published at the office, 85, Fleet Street, OCLC 732224722, stanza I, page 309:
      Old Simon the Soaker now keeps a rare store / Of Malmsey and Malvoisie / In tub-fuls of hundreds of litres or more, / For a vinous old soul is he—e, / A porous old so—ul is he; [...]
    • 1899 August 25, Raymond Asquith, “Letter to H. T. Baker”, in John Jolliffe, editor, Raymond Asquith: Life and Letters, London: Collins, published 1980, →ISBN:
      It is one of the most trying things about this life, this necessity of laughing uproariously when vinous old men say things that are dirty but not funny; else one is written down as a prig.
    • 2016, Christopher Chase Walker, The Visitor[1], Winchester, Hampshire: Cosmic Egg Books, →ISBN:
      She was found wounded and amnesic by a vinous old farmer who, charitable and eccentric (or just radiantly bonkers), nursed her back to health in some ramshackle barn or outbuilding of his after the local Gendarmerie had investigated, photographed, swept up and hosed down the crash scene.
  3. Affected by the drinking of wine.


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vino +‎ -us



  1. obliqueness
  2. (probability theory) skewness


Inflection of vinous (Kotus type 40/kalleus, t-d gradation)
nominative vinous vinoudet
genitive vinouden vinouksien
partitive vinoutta vinouksia
illative vinouteen vinouksiin
singular plural
nominative vinous vinoudet
accusative nom. vinous vinoudet
gen. vinouden
genitive vinouden vinouksien
partitive vinoutta vinouksia
inessive vinoudessa vinouksissa
elative vinoudesta vinouksista
illative vinouteen vinouksiin
adessive vinoudella vinouksilla
ablative vinoudelta vinouksilta
allative vinoudelle vinouksille
essive vinoutena vinouksina
translative vinoudeksi vinouksiksi
instructive vinouksin
abessive vinoudetta vinouksitta
comitative vinouksineen
Possessive forms of vinous (type kalleus)
possessor singular plural
1st person vinouteni vinoutemme
2nd person vinoutesi vinoutenne
3rd person vinoutensa


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Borrowed from Latin vīnōsus.


  • IPA(key): /ˈviːnus/, /viːˈnɔːs/


vinous (Late Middle English, rare)

  1. vinous (relating to wine)


  • English: vinous, vinose