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Strawberries in a bowl


From Middle English strawbery, strauberi, from Old English strēawberiġe, corresponding to straw +‎ berry. The word for straw was derived from a verbal participle and thus meant "(that which is) strewn", hence the applicability to berries growing on a bush.



strawberry (countable and uncountable, plural strawberries)

  1. The sweet, usually red, edible fruit of certain plants of the genus Fragaria.
    They went to pick strawberries today.
  2. Any plant of the genus Fragaria (that bears such fruit).
    She has the best strawberry patch I've ever seen.
  3. A dark pinkish red colour, like that of the fruit; strawberry red.
    strawberry colour:  
  4. (rare) Something resembling a strawberry, especially a reddish bruise or birthmark.



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strawberry (not comparable)

  1. Containing or having the flavor of strawberries.
    I'd like a large strawberry shake.
  2. Flavored with ethyl methylphenylglycidate, an artificial compound which is said to resemble the taste of strawberries.
  3. Of a color similar to ripened strawberries.
    The strawberry lipstick makes her look younger.


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