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Entries are systematically categorized in Category:English citations of undefined terms and similar categories for other languages. This list is (mostly) words in which I have some particular interest. You are welcome to add a few words you have interest in too, if you like (just don't add, like, the entirety of that category); I go through the list from time to time and see what's become citable.
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no clearly usable citations, but good reason to think the terms are real
[1], [2]: the old RFV-failed terms here may be citable now
including becomable (Google Books hits use different senses), microglomerate, medible
also note transromantic#Noun, transromanticism
partly cited plurals (moved here from a deleted appendix)
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See w:Wikipedia:Typo_Team/moss.

  • French: affouche, lafouche (used especially on Maurice, Reunion): any of several native figs. Various forms exist due to confusion of l'affouche, la fouche, laf(f)ouche.
  • E. Jacob de Cordemoy, Flore de l'île de la Réunion (phanérogames) cryptogames vasculaires (1895), identifies several species: F. rubra Vahl., Enum., II, 191. F. pyrifolia Lam. (Vulg. Affouche rouge.); F. lucens Cordem. (vulg. Grand Affouche.); F. cinerea Cordem. (vulg. Affouche blanc.); F. terebrata W., Sp., Pl. IV, 1145. F. pertusa bory, Voy., I, 353, tab.-XVII. (Vulg. Affouche bâtard.)
  • Marc Rivière, Les plantes médicinales à l' Île de la Réunion: Homonymes (2007): Les affouches sont des ficus, sans aucun doute ! Mais tous les ficus ne sont pas des affouches. D'où vient le mot affouche ? Pas du malgache sûrement !
  • Annegret Bollée, Dictionnaire étymologique des créoles français de l'Océan Indien, lemmatizes "afus (lafus, lafurs, zafus)" and mentions (without reproducing) examples from Reunion of affouche (1672), affourche and fourche (1712), and afouge, as well as the Ficus species affouche bâtard, affouche blanc, grand affouche, and affouche rouge, as well as afus, lafus (lafus malbar, lafus malgas), and zafus (zafus blã, grã zafus, zafus ruz); and examples from Maurice of (la) fouche vers (1755), (la) fouche bâtard, afouche rouge (1864), as well as lafurs, lafus. Also: "rod. lafurs [...]; sey. lafus."
  • asa Pare words (see also RFM): ikinda "banana tree", mshambi "tail of a sheep". Iraqw words: lee'i "goat". Zigua: guluka "run (verb)", gamba "talk (verb)", kala "hunt (verb)" (also with prefix, see RFM). Alagwa and Burunge: gimba "talk (verb)". Dahalo: girigiri "fast".
  • Mangel Wurzel; Mangelwurzel is said by Century to exist in English and German, but apparently only exists in English where it is spaced or hyphenated