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Borrowed from Middle Low German bolte (bolt), or from Middle Dutch bult (bolt) (compare German Bolzen, English bolt), first mentioned in 17th-century dictionaries.[1]


  • IPA(key): [būlta]
  • (file)


bulta f (4th declension)

  1. arrow (long, thin projectile to be shot with a bow or crossbow)
    bultas uzgalisarrowhead
    bultu maksquivver (lit. arrow container)
    izšaut bultuto shoot an arrow
    bultalike an arrow (i.e., very fast)
  2. arrow (symbol used to show a direction)
    bulta norāda uz pagrieziena virzienuthe arrow indicates the direction of the turn
  3. arrow, hand (pointer in a machine, clock, etc.)
    spidometra bultaspeedometer arrow
    voltmetra bultavoltmeter arrow
  4. bolt (component part of a lock which moves so as to lock or unlock it)
    atraut bultuto unlock the bolt
    aizšaut durvīm priekšā bultuto shoot the front door bolt
  5. bolt (little metal rod with a head on one end and a threaded surface (like a screw) on the other end, used for fastening metal, wood, etc.)
    ratu bultawheel bolt
    bultas galvabolt head
    būvkoku savienošana ar bultāmfastening construction wood with bolts



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bulta (present bultar, preterite bultade, supine bultat, imperative bulta)

  1. to fasten with bolts, to screw something in place, usually used in connection with fast
    att bulta fast ett vapenskåpto bolt a weapon cabinet in place
  2. (of an organ) to throb, to beat
    när huvudet bultar och magen värkerwhen the head throbs and the belly aches
    mitt hjärta bultar för Tre Kronormy heart throbs for Tre Kronor
  3. to pound or beat rapidly or violently
    han bultade mig gul och blåhe beat me to a pulp
    hon bultade argt på dörrenshe pounded angrily on the door