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From Latin gȳrāre, present active infinitive of gȳrō.




  1. (transitive, intransitive) to turn, stir, turn over
    Synonyms: ruotare, voltare, mescolare, avvolgere, roteare, mulinare, turbinare, voltare, rivoltare, volgere, ruotare, mescolare, capovolgere, rovesciare, svoltare, curvare, aggirare
    girare lo sguardoto turn one's gaze
    girare la frittatato turn over the frittata
    il mondo gira su sé stessothe world turns on itself (its axis)
    devi girare a sinistrayou have to turn left
  2. (transitive, figurative, by extension) to spin (present a bias)
  3. (transitive) to tour, travel
    Synonyms: visitare, viaggiare, rivolgere
    1. to go round or alongside (a place, etc.)
      Synonym: costeggiare
      girare una collinato go round a hill
    2. to go far and wide
      ho girato il comune per trovarti un regalo
      I went all throughout the town to find you a gift
    3. to tour (make a circuit of a place)
  4. (transitive) to pass (to)
    ti giro questa domandaI pass this question to you
    Synonym: passare
  5. (transitive) to endorse, transfer (of a cheque, etc.)
    Synonym: trasferire
  6. (transitive, film) to shoot, film
    Synonyms: filmare, riprendere, registrare, realizzare
  7. (transitive, intransitive) to encircle
    Synonyms: circondare, cingere, attorniare
    la recinzione gira tutto il giardino
    the fence encircles the entire garden
    le mura girano attorno alla città
    the walls encircle the entire city
  8. (transitive, rare) to bypass
  9. (intransitive) (typically with per) to roam; to wander; to mill about
    Synonyms: andare in giro, aggirarsi, passeggiare, vagare, circolare, girovagare
  10. (intransitive) (takes both essere or avere as auxiliary) to circulate
    Synonyms: circolare, correre, diffondersi, propagarsi
  11. (intransitive) (of a text) to continue
    il brano parte dalla prima e gira in terza pagina
    the excerpt begins on the first (page) and continues onto the third page
  12. (intransitive) to work; to function
  13. (intransitive, familiar) to feel like
  14. (intransitive, familiar) to proceed in a certain way, especially positive; to go
    il lavoro non gira bene
    the work is not going well
  15. (intransitive, Tuscany) (of wine) to go bad


Usage notesEdit

(turn): when used intransitively, must be followed by su, intorno a, or attorno a.

(encircle): when used intransitively, must be followed by intorno a or attorno a.

(pass; feel like): must be followed by a or an accusative clitic.

Related termsEdit





  1. First-person singular (yo) future subjunctive form of girar.
  2. Formal second-person singular (usted) future subjunctive form of girar.
  3. Third-person singular (él, ella, also used with usted?) future subjunctive form of girar.