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(index ka)


  • Hyphenation: kaa‧taa


kaataa (transitive)

  1. To pour (out); to spill.
    Kaadan kahvia.
    I pour coffee.
    Kaadoin vesilasin.
    I spilled the glass of water.
  2. To knock/tip/turn over, overturn, upset.
    He kaatoivat veneen.
    They overturned the boat.
    ~ ylösalaisin = to turn upside down.
  3. To dump, tip (a load).
  4. To fell, cut/chop down (a tree), to cut (hay).
    Puuta kaadetaan.
    The tree is being felled.
  5. To shoot/kill down (game).
  6. To knock down.
    Hänet kaadettiin.
    He was knocked down.
  7. To overthrow.
    Kapinalliset kaatoivat hallituksen.
    The insurgents overthrew the government.
  8. (nautical) To capsize (to cause to overturn).
  9. (slang) To drink (alcohol), booze.
    Menet kaatamaan (viinaa) tänään?
    Will you go to booze today?


Derived termsEdit