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  1. A female, usually an animal.

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  • (antonym(s) of "female prefix"): he-

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Mohawk edit

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  1. pronominal prefix for a first person singular agent and a third person feminine/indefinite patient
    You ____ her/someone
    You ____ them

Alternative forms edit

- Initial consonant
Environment t/s/h/k n/r/w/’ a e/en o/on i y
Word-Initial she- she- shei- shei- shei- she- she-

References edit

  • Nora Deering; Helga H. Delisle (1976) Mohawk: A teaching grammar (preliminary version), Quebec: Manitou College, pages 384

Navajo edit

Prefix edit


  1. my, me (indicates secondary or alienable possession, in opposition to shi-. See for example abeʼ, sheʼabeʼ)

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