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ней (nejf (personal)

  1. (dated) full form of the third-person singular feminine pronoun in the dative case, used as the indirect object of a verb, translated as to her, for her, her, when the noun is animate, and as to it, for it, it, when the noun is inanimate
    Ней възложиха работата.
    Nej vǎzložiha rabotata.
    The job was assigned to her.

Usage notes edit

  • The full dative form is considered outdated and is usually substituted by the preposition на (na) and the accusative form:
    На нея възложиха работата.
    Na neja vǎzložiha rabotata.
    (please add an English translation of this usage example)

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Russian edit

Alternative forms edit

  • ей (jej)when not used after a preposition
  • не́ю (néju), е́ю (jéju)dated, poetic or dialectal

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  • IPA(key): [nʲej]
  • (file)

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ней (nej) (when used after a preposition)

  1. dative/instrumental/prepositional of она́ (oná)