мене ‎(méne) ‎(personal)

  1. Full form of the first-person singular pronoun in the accusative case, used as the direct object of a verb; me.
    Избери мене вместо Петър.
    Izberi mene vmesto Petǎr.
    Choose me instead of Peter.
    Мене ли търсиш?
    Mene li tǎrsiš?
    Is it me you are looking for?
  2. The first-person singular pronoun in the prepositional case, used as the object of a preposition; me.
    Ела с мене.
    Ela s mene.
    Come with me.
    Не сядай до мене.
    Ne sjadaj do mene.
    Don't sit text to me.
  3. (dated) Full form of the first-person singular pronoun in the dative case, used as the indirect object of a verb; to me, for me, me.
    Кажи мене.
    Kaži mene.
    Tell me.
    Мене поръчаха да занеса писмото.
    Mene porǎčaha da zanesa pismoto.
    They ordered me to take the letter.

Usage notesEdit

  • The full dative form is considered outdated and is usually substituted by the preposition на and the accusative form (На мене поръчаха да занеса писмото).

Related termsEdit



мене ‎(mene)

  1. Long direct object form of јас ‎(jas).
  2. Long indirect object form of јас ‎(jas).



  • IPA(key): /mêne/
  • Hyphenation: ме‧не


ме̏не (Latin spelling mȅne)

  1. of me (genitive singular of ја̑ ‎(I))
  2. me (accusative singular of ја̑ ‎(I))
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