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Hindi Edit

Pronunciation Edit

  • (Delhi Hindi) IPA(key): /pɑː/, [päː]

Verb Edit

पा ()

  1. inflection of पाना (pānā):
    1. stem
    2. second-person singular intimate present imperative

Sanskrit Edit

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Etymology Edit

From Proto-Indo-European *peh₃- (to drink).

Cognate with Ancient Greek πόσις (pósis) whence symposium (drinking together); Latin pōtō whence English potion and poison; Proto-Slavic *pivo (beer). Also compare the noun पात्र (pātra, drinking vessel, goblet).

Pronunciation Edit

Root Edit

पा ()

  1. to drink
  2. quaff, suck, sip
  3. to imbibe

References Edit

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