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Etymology 1 edit

Syllable edit

しゅ (shu

  1. The hiragana syllable しゅ (shu). Its equivalent in katakana is シュ (shu).

Etymology 2 edit

For pronunciation and definitions of しゅ – see the following entries.
[counter] poems and songs
[noun] (rare) the first one; a lord
[noun] stump of a tree
[noun] head of the family
[noun] master, mistress
[noun] one's husband
[noun] proprietor, landlord
[proper noun] the Lord
[noun] (archaic) used when listing an official's titles when there are two or more (compare English cum)
[noun] short for 守護 (shugo, protection, protector)
[noun] (archaic) short for 国守 (kokushu, head administrator of a kuni in the old Ritsuryō system)
[noun] Abbreviation of 朱色 (vermilion).
[noun] a seed
[noun] a kind, type, sort, class, or category
[noun] (taxonomy) a species
[noun] tumor, growth
[suffix] tumor
[suffix] type of cancer
(This term, しゅ, is the hiragana spelling of the above terms.)
For a list of all kanji read as しゅ, see Category:Japanese kanji read as しゅ.)

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