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radish turnip
trad. (蘿蔔)
simp. (萝卜)
alt. forms


Unknown. This word was attested in various forms since early Old Chinese, and is the source of many of the terms for "radish, turnip" in other languages in modern China. The basic form seems to be *(ra)buk.



蘿蔔 (Chinese cuisine, botany)

  1. radish
  2. turnip
  3. daikon; Chinese radish


Dialectal synonyms of 蘿蔔 (“daikon; Chinese radish”)
Variety Location Words
Classical Classical 萊菔蘆菔
Mandarin Beijing 蘿蔔白蘿蔔
Taiwan 蘿蔔菜頭白蘿蔔
Jinan 蘿蔔
Xi'an 蘿蔔
Wuhan 蘿蔔
Chengdu 蘿蔔
Yangzhou 蘿蔔
Hefei 蘿蔔
Cantonese Guangzhou 蘿蔔白蘿蔔
Hong Kong 蘿蔔白蘿蔔
Taishan 蘿蔔
Yangjiang 蘿蔔
Gan Nanchang 蘿蔔
Hakka Meixian 蘿蔔長菜
Miaoli (N. Sixian) 蘿蔔蘿蔔仔菜頭
Liudui (S. Sixian) 蘿蔔仔菜頭
Hsinchu (Hailu) 菜頭蘿蔔
Dongshi (Dabu) 蘿蔔菜頭
Taiwanese Raoping 菜頭
Yunlin (Zhao'an) 菜頭
Jin Taiyuan 蘿蔔
Min Bei Jian'ou 蘿蔔
Min Dong Fuzhou 菜頭
Min Nan Quanzhou 菜頭
Xiamen 菜頭
Zhangzhou 菜頭
Taipei 菜頭
Kaohsiung 菜頭
Tainan 菜頭
Taichung 菜頭
Yilan 菜頭
Lukang 菜頭
Sanxia 菜頭
Kinmen 菜頭
Magong 菜頭
Hsinchu 菜頭
Malaysia 菜頭
Chaozhou 菜頭
Wu Shanghai 蘿蔔
Suzhou 蘿蔔
Wenzhou 菜頭
Xiang Changsha 蘿蔔
Shuangfeng 蘿蔔


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Sino-Xenic (蘿蔔):


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