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Gamilaraay Edit

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  1. you (one person-doer/doer to).

References Edit

  • (2003) Gamilaraay Yuwaalaraay Yuwaalayaay Dictionary

Kambera Edit

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  1. first person plural inclusive genitive enclitic
  2. first person plural inclusive dative enclitic

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Suffix Edit

preceding vowel
A / I / O / U E / Ə / İ / Ö / Ü
-nda -ndə


  1. Form of -ndə after the vowels A / I / O / U.

Turkish Edit

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Etymology Edit

From Ottoman Turkish ـندا(-nda, locative suffix), from Proto-Turkic *-nta (locative suffix), formed with *-n- (oblique case marker). Cognate with Karakhanid نْدا(-ndā, locative suffix), Old Turkic 𐰦𐰀(nta /⁠-nta⁠/, locative suffix).

Suffix Edit


  1. Used to form locative of nouns that already carry other case markers ending with vowels.
    dalı + ‎-nda → ‎dalında
    alanı + ‎-nda → ‎alanında (in its field)

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