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From dad +‎ -y.



daddy (plural daddies)

  1. (usually childish) Father.
  2. (informal, in early use chiefly African-American English) A male lover.
    • 1955, Ray Charles, Greenbacks
      She looked at me with that familiar desire
      Her eyes lit up like they were on fire
      She said, "My name's Flo, and you're on the right track,
      But look here, daddy, I wear furs on my back,
      So if you want to have fun in this man's land,
      Let Lincoln and Jackson start shaking hands."
  3. (dated slang) An informal term of address for a man.
    Rock 'n' roll is cool, daddy, and you know it!
  4. (BDSM, sexual slang) A dominant male partner, often used as an address.
    The guy I've been dating offered to do bondage with me, and I was like "Yes please, daddy."
  5. (slang) A male juvenile delinquent in a reformatory who dominates the other inmates through threats and violence.
    • 2004, David Wilson, Sean O'Sullivan, Images of Incarceration (page 162)
      However, what is of interest is that it is clear that the staff have to use the prisoners to run the borstal and thus do not object to, or try to control the inmate subculture that produces 'daddies', violence, sexual assault and racism, []
    • 2015, Noel 'Razor' Smith, The Criminal Alphabet: An A-Z of Prison Slang
      The daddies were the chaps of the old borstal system, leaders who had clawed their way to the top of the borstal food chain by showing gameness and the ability and willingness to inflict serious violence on their fellow detainees.


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daddy (third-person singular simple present daddies, present participle daddying, simple past and past participle daddied)

  1. (transitive, chiefly Appalachia) To father; to sire.
    • 1965, Havilah Babcock, Jaybirds Go to Hell on Friday: And Other Stories:
      "Just supposin' Mister has daddied a pup here and there," said old man Rivers. "What's wrong with that? Ain't your foxhounds han'some and hard-runnin'?" "But they all pint birds," said my Pa. "Whoever heered of a foxhound pintin' birds?"
    • 1997, Larry L. King, True Facts, Tall Tales, and Pure Fiction (→ISBN):
      Grieving apparently wasn't a full-time job, however, since Hank up and married a gal named Billie Jean and daddied a daughter by yet another consoler.

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