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Pebbles on a beach.


From Middle English pebbul, pebylle, pibbel, pobbel, pepulle (also in Middle English pibbil-ston, pubelston, and pebil stones, publestones), from Old English *papol, *pyppel, *pæbbel (found in Old English popelstān, papolstān (pebble-stone), pyppelrīpiġ (pebble-stream)), of unknown origin. Compare Albanian popël.(Can this(+) etymology be sourced?)



pebble (countable and uncountable, plural pebbles)

  1. A small stone, especially one rounded by the action of water.
  2. (geology) A particle from 4 to 64 mm in diameter, following the Wentworth scale.
  3. (curling) A small droplet of water intentionally sprayed on the ice that cause irregularities on the surface.
  4. Transparent and colourless rock crystal.
    Brazilian pebble
  5. A form of slow-burning gunpowder in large cubical grains.
    Synonyms: cube powder, prismatic powder



pebble (third-person singular simple present pebbles, present participle pebbling, simple past and past participle pebbled)

  1. (transitive) To pave with pebbles.
  2. (transitive, curling) To deposit water droplets on the ice.
    to pebble the ice between games
  3. (transitive) To give (leather) a rough appearance with small rounded prominences.
  4. (transitive, graph theory) To place a pebble at (a vertex of a graph) according to certain rules; see pebble game.