Japanese edit

Etymology 1 edit

From (ni, to) + (ha, (wa) topic marker).

Particle edit

には (ni wa

  1. as for; in; to
    Shichimi wa watashi ni wa kara sugiru.
    As for me, shichimi is too spicy.
    Kyōto ni wa hana ga aru.
    There are flowers in Kyoto.
    Watashi ni wa ane ga futari imasu.
    I have two elder sisters.
  2. in order to
    Kimuchi o tsukuru ni wa ika no zairyō ga hitsuyō desu.
    To make kimchi / In making kimchi, the following ingredients are required.

Etymology 2 edit

For pronunciation and definitions of には – see the following entries.
[noun] garden, yard
[noun] place where something is done
[noun] (regional) a dirt-floored room at the entrance of a house
[noun] wide sea, a wide expanse (of the sea)
[proper noun] a female given name
[proper noun] a surname
[proper noun] a surname
(This term, には, is a historical kana spelling of the above terms.)
For a list of all kanji read as には, see Category:Japanese kanji read as には.)