white; empty; blank; bright; clear; plain; pure; gratuitous
horse; surname
trad. (白馬)
simp. (白马)
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“Kep (in Cambodia)”
From the Khmer name កែប (kaep, literally saddle).
Calque of English Whitehorse.




  1. white horse
  2. (historical) sacrificial song in ancient China
  3. (, ) Baima people (subgroup of Tibetans)

Derived termsEdit

Proper nounEdit


  1. () Kep (a province of Cambodia)
  2. () Kep (the provincial capital of Kep Province, Cambodia)
  3. () Whitehorse (a city in Yukon, Canada)
  4. () Baima (a town in Lishui district, Nanjing, Jiangsu, China)
  5. () Baima (a town in Gaogang district, Taizhou, Jiangsu, China)
  6. () Baima (a town in Pujiang, Jinhua, Zhejiang, China)
  7. () Baima (a town in Dancheng, Zhoukou, Henan, China)
  8. () Baima (a town in Lianyuan, Loudi, Hunan, China)
  9. () Baima (a town in Beiliu, Yulin, Guangxi, China)
  10. () Baima (a town in Wulong district, Chongqing, China)
  11. () Baima (a town in Miyi, Panzhihua, Sichuan, China)
  12. () Baima (a town in Anju district, Suining, Sichuan, China)
  13. () Baima (a town in Shizhong district, Neijiang, Sichuan, China)
  14. () Baima (a town in Shizhong district, Leshan, Sichuan, China)
  15. () Baima (a town in Dongpo district, Meishan, Sichuan, China)
  16. (, formerly ) Baima (a town in Xuanhan, Dazhou, Sichuan, China, formerly a township)
  17. () Baima (a township in Yixian, Baoding, Hebei, China)
  18. () Baima (a township in the Guang'an District, Guang'an, Sichuan, China)
  19. () Baima (a township in Xichang, Liangshan prefecture, Sichuan, China)
  20. () Baima (a township in Huachi, Qingyang, Gansu, China)
  21. () Baima (a township in Zhongning, Zhongwei, Ningxia, China)
  22. () Baima (a village in Chengbei, Yingcheng, Xiaogan, Hubei, China)
  23. (雪山) Baima Snow Mountain (a mountain in Yunnan, China)