la-noun ? ‎(genitive ); ? declension



Required positional parameters

  • |1= display form of the headword (with macrons)
  • |2= genitive without macrons N.B.: this field no longer serves any function and should be left blank
  • |3= genitive with macrons (if any)
  • |4= gender (one of m, f, n)
  • |5= declension class (one of first, second, third, fourth, fifth)

Optional named parameters

  • |g2= second gender, for nouns of two genders
  • |gen2= second genitive, for nouns with two genitive forms

See also

For Latin nouns that are attested in belonging to two declensions where the nominative singulars (i.e., the lemmata) are the same in both declensions (for example, cȳma), use {{la-noun-multidecl}}.