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A woman holding holly in her apron.


Earlier napron, from Old French napperon, diminutive of nappe (tablecloth), from Latin nappa (napkin). The phrase a napron was reinterpreted as an apron, which is why the initial n is now missing. For other similar cases of incorrect division, see also daffodil, newt, nickname, orange, umpire.



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apron (plural aprons)

  1. An article of clothing worn over the front of the torso and/or legs for protection from spills.
  2. A hard surface bordering a structure or area.
    1. The paved area of an airport, especially the area where aircraft park away from a terminal
    2. The spreading end of a driveway.
    3. The paved area below the yellow line on a race track.
    4. The loading, parking or roadway area immediately beside a railway station
    5. The portion of a stage extending towards the audience beyond the proscenium arch in a theatre.
    6. (pinball) A large decal toward the bottom of a pinball table.
  3. The sides of a tree’s canopy.
  4. The cap of a cannon; a piece of lead laid over the vent to keep the priming dry.
  5. A removable cover for the passangers' feet and legs in an open horse carriage.






  1. accusative singular of apro