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  1. A breathing.
  2. An aspirate.
  3. Any spirituous preparation.

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spiritus m (plural spiritussen or spiritus, diminutive spiritusje n) (in sense 2)

  1. methylated spirit
  2. (orthography) A kind of diacritic used on Ancient Greek vowels to indicate aspiration or lack thereof. See spiritus asper and spiritus lenis.




From spīrō (I breathe, I respire; I live).



spīritus m (genitive spīritūs); fourth declension

  1. breath, breathing
    • Classicorum auctorum e Vaticanicis codicibus editorum tomus V., Rome, 1833, p.595:
      Spīritūs sunt duo dasia et psile.
  2. light breeze
  3. spirit, ghost
    • 405 CE, Jerome, Vulgate Genesis.1.2:
      Terra autem erat inānis et vacua, et tenebrae erant super faciem abyssī: et spīritus Deī ferēbātur super aquās.
      And the earth was void and empty, and darkness was upon the face of the deep; and the spirit of God moved over the waters.
  4. energy
  5. pride, arrogance


Fourth-declension noun.

Case Singular Plural
Nominative spīritus spīritūs
Genitive spīritūs spīrituum
Dative spīrituī spīritibus
Accusative spīritum spīritūs
Ablative spīritū spīritibus
Vocative spīritus spīritūs


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    • to breathe, live: animam, spiritum ducere
    • to breathe the air: aera spiritu ducere
    • to suffocate a person: spiritum intercludere alicui
    • to give up the ghost: extremum vitae spiritum edere
    • inspired: divino quodam spiritu inflatus or tactus
    • to be haughty: magnos spiritus sibi sumere (B. G. 1. 33)
    • to lower a person's pride: spiritus alicuius reprimere
    • patrician arrogance; pride of caste: spiritus patricii (Liv. 4. 42)
    • to assume a despotic tone: regios spiritus sibi sumere
    • to destroy a despotism, tyranny: regios spiritus reprimere (Nep. Dion. 5. 5)