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Alternative formsEdit


From wash out (verb).



washout (plural washouts)

  1. An appliance designed to wash something out.
    The cistern was fitted with washouts and air-valves.
  2. (biology, medicine) The cleaning of matter from a physiological system using a fluid.
    a bladder washout
  3. (meteorology) The action whereby falling rainwater clean particles from the air.
  4. A channel produced by the erosion of a relatively soft surface by a sudden gush of water; a breach in a road or railway caused by flooding.
  5. (informal) A disappointment or total failure; an unsuccessful person.
    As an actor, he was a complete washout, so he went back to accounting.
  6. A sporting fixture or other event that could not be completed because of rain.
    • 1939, The Railroad Telegrapher (volume 56, page 779)
      The Austin picnic was a washout, rained all day.
  7. The aerodynamic effect of a small twist in the shape of an aircraft wing