Of native Jeju origin.


IPA(key): /ma̠t̚t͈a̠/


맞다 (matda)

  1. to hit
  2. to strike


  • 맞다” in Jeju's culture and language, Digital museum.



  • (SK Standard/Seoul) IPA(key): [ma̠t̚t͈a̠]
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  • Phonetic hangul: []
Revised Romanization?matda
Revised Romanization (translit.)?majda
Yale Romanization?mac.ta

Etymology 1Edit

First attested in the Seokbo sangjeol (釋譜詳節 / 석보상절), 1447, as Middle Korean 맞다 (Yale: macta).


맞다 (matda) (infinitive 맞아, sequential 맞으니)

  1. to be correct, right
    네 말이 맞다
    ne mar-i matda
    You are right.
    여보세요? 아나 맞아? — 그래, 나 여기 있어.
    Yeoboseyo? Ana maja? — geurae, na yeogi isseo.
    Excuse me? Anna? Is that you? — Oh, yes. I am here!
    Original English texts from 2016, VOA Learning English (public domain)
  2. to suit (one's liking), to meet (one's wishes)
  3. to agree (with), to be consistent (with)
  4. to be in harmony (with), to be in tune (with)
  5. (to get, to suffer)
    1. to get a blow, to be struck
    2. to be caught in (rain, illness)
    3. to encounter (difficulty), to come across
    4. to get (an injection), to get (a mark, a rating)
      주사를 맞다.
      Jusareul matda.
      to have an injection.
Derived termsEdit
  • 들어맞다 (deureomatda, “to come true, to prove/be right”)
  • 알맞다 (almatda, “just right”)
  • 걸맞다 (geolmatda, “suitable/fit (for), to commensurate with”)
Related termsEdit
  • Causative forms: 맞추다 (matchuda, “to cause to fit”), 맞히다 (machida, “to cause to hit”)


—맞다 (-matda)

  1. to be in a certain way, to have a certain appearance
Derived termsEdit

Etymology 2Edit

First attested in the Yongbi eocheonga (龍飛御天歌 / 용비어천가), 1447, as Middle Korean 맞다 (Yale: macta).


맞다 (matda) (infinitive 맞아, sequential 맞으니)

  1. to take a person or thing as a courtesy
  2. to oppose an enemy or a force.
  3. to deal with a certain moment as time goes
  4. to receive a touch of rain, snow, rain, etc., according to the natural phenomenon of nature
  5. to get a grade
  6. to suffer from something bad
  7. to bring with respect as a member of the family